What is a Design Sprint Kit?

A design sprint kit is a pre-assembled kit that includes everything from the official GV Design Sprint checklist. You can download our design sprint kit checklist, too.

What is a design sprint?

Definition to come.

What is a design thinking?

Definition to come.

How does the Design Sprint Kit work?

Instructions to come. Link

Is the Design Sprint Kit be used for physical or digital products?

The Design Sprint Kit can be used to innovate physical products as well as digital products. Digital products are a bit easier to prototype or PoC (proof of concept) in a short amount of time as there are usually hacks (link) around fully working products.

We are confident that a design sprint will work on a coffee website like Blue Bottle as well as it would on a robot that delivers items to your hotel room. Read the Sprint book for more on GV design sprints.

How many people can use a Design Sprint Kit in a single design sprint?



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